Remember the time, not very long ago, when your local golf club store was the shopping mecca for all your golf accessories? Now ask any teenage caddy or a twenty-something golf aficionado and they might turn up their collective noses at the thought of shopping at a clicks and mortar building.

The hip-set now prefer a clicks and non-bricks type of online shopping for all their golf accessories. Not only is it fashionable to do so, but you might be surprised at the several different types of advantages and benefits you get from shopping online for your golf accessories.

The inventory is much more aggressive online than it could possible be at your friendly neighborhood golf store. Not only will you find several thousands of sites peddling their stuff, you will also be spoiled for choice.

Whereas the humble golf cap was almost a matter of necessity once, now it has become the ultimate fashion statement. You get designer caps, autographed caps, limited edition caps - and this list keeps getting longer and more mouth-watering with every passing fashion fad.

Not only do you get more variety, you might also find great discounts, promotional offers, and genuine 50% off sales. Websites try to outdo each other in all sorts of manner and only the customer stands to gain from this one-upmanship.

So what are you waiting for? The next time you wish to add to your collection of golf accessories, don’t zip down to your store. Instead log onto the Web and click away!


Agreed, online shopping is the in-thing. Almost everyone and their caddy are clicking away online. Websites offer lucrative deals and all sorts of unimaginable variety of golf accessories.

Let’s face it, shopping for golf accessories cannot be made more fun or more simple than clicking a button.

But watch out, sitting at home and shopping with such ease can also be dangerous. Your credit card details can fall in the wrong hands and unknown strangers can use those details to run up humungous bills.

Spurious websites also sell your personal details to other companies who then badger you with unwanted phone calls, unsolicited emails, flyers, brochures, and what-have-yous.

Some sites even insert malicious code on your computer, known as a virus, which then secretly captures and sends information like your bank passwords to hackers, etc.

In order to avoid these dangers, just take simple precautionary steps when you shop online for your golf accessories:

- only shop at websites which are well-known and popular like eBay

- regardless of the ‘great deal’ or the ‘fabulous offer’ avoid visiting unknown websites

- Look for the padlock on the bottom right of your browser. This indicates that the site is relatively safe

- Always use the best anti-virus and anti-spy ware like Norton which gets rid of malicious code installed on your PC

- Close your browser immediately if you see any suspicious activity at a website

Such simple measures will help you shop online for your golf accessories in relative peace and security.